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Hill School is home to almost 40 talented and capable faculty and staff members whose commitment to the school’s mission enables us to provide an excellent educational program for children who learn differently as well as a rich, diverse professional work environment that is supportive and rewarding.  Year after year, families entrust us with the education of their children; often making enormous sacrifices to provide a more personalized and successful educational experience for their child.  We take this trust very seriously and strive to live up to, and exceed, our community’s high expectations.  Our success depends on the daily activities that each person performs.  No matter what job you hold at Hill School, your role in the school community is very important to the students and the families of our school as well as to your colleagues.  As colleagues and collaborators, we support one another in the quest to provide a quality educational program for students who learn differently.

Hill School teachers come from a variety of educational backgrounds but, at minimum, all have bachelor’s level degrees. Fifty percent of our faculty members have masters’ level degrees and 67% are state certified teachers. Those not certified have years of teaching experience in a variety of settings, including Hill School. The average tenure of faculty members at Hill School of Fort Worth is 7 years, some with over 25 years of Hill experience and others who have just begun their first year. We are committed to ongoing professional development for our faculty and staff and we encourage travel to pursue new learning. We also have a few faculty members each year present locally at public schools or universities and/or at state and national conferences. All of our faculty are trained in a week-long intensive program called Schools Attuned to All Kinds of Minds – a program that highlights the different ways students learn and the multitude of strategies that can be used to reach these learners in the classroom.

The commitment of Hill School’s Board of Trustees is evidenced by their contributions of time and talent in providing sound advice, encouraging innovation, and helping us to connect to the community and its resources – both financial and educational.  Our Board members are passionate about their support of the Hill School and the difference it makes for families.  All of them have personal connections to the life-changing learning that happens for children at Hill School.