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In the Classroom

Hill School students learn to love learning again! In the classroom, our students re-discover the joy and empowerment that comes from mastering new skills and understanding new ideas. The Hill School classroom mindfully provides rigorous, challenging instruction, while acknowledging the inherent struggle that “school” presents for children who learn differently. We strive to maintain a balance of pushing students to achieve their potential through intervention and remediation while making independent learning accessible. Confidence and a love for learning are built in both ways.

Small groups allow teachers to truly connect with their students academically and personally, while still providing a setting for peer collaboration and social learning. Intentionally designed and rigorously maintained, the small overall student to teacher ratio of 7:1 found at Hill School is the vehicle that enables us to embody our purpose. Actual academic class sizes will range from two students up to twelve depending on the grade level.

An integrated self-discipline program with an emphasis on building healthy self-esteem permeates the academic programming. Accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) ensures that the Hill School curriculum provides quality, reputable programming in all academic areas with a consideration of specific student needs in Reading, English, Written Expression and Mathematics.

Engaging our students with the digital world is a priority. Our technology program connects Hill students to a world of knowledge where they explore new ideas, analyze their merits, and produce quality expressions of these discoveries. With a true 1:1 learning environment for students in grades 7-12, and daily access to laptops for our lower school, our students join a whole world of learning.

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to strengthening academic skills, Hill School students can pursue their areas of interest in athletics, fine arts, and community service groups. Athletic offerings include football, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, golf, and track & field. Fine arts programming focuses on visual arts and music instruction at all grade levels. Media classes and drama productions bring our students to the screen and the stage. Volunteer opportunities are provided and involvement in the community is encouraged. Our full-service programming provides personal growth opportunities and cultivates self-confidence beyond the boundaries of the classroom or the spines of a book.