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While Hill School provides focused academic opportunities for our students with learning differences to help them navigate the classroom, it’s the full-service program benefits and the feel of being in a “real” school that bring the most joy to our students and their families. Our Athletics program is specifically designed as a venue for students to build important skills like perseverance and teamwork; allowing young people to develop themselves beyond books and equations. The experiential learning provided by sports participation in invaluable in growing social skills and leadership.

Hill School is committed to providing a wide variety of athletic opportunities to meet the needs of our students. Athletic programs at Hill School enhance our academic vision of providing skills and strategies for success. We encourage students to develop cooperative social skills, and provide enhancement of natural talent and ability in an attempt to ensure lifelong appreciation of physical activity and team involvement.

Under the rules of the TCAF (Texas Christian Athletic Association) we attempt to ensure that each student excels at academics as well as extracurricular activities. The Coaches and Advisors are responsible for keeping track of weekly grades and/or behaviors that might impact the student’s ability to participate. We want to make sure healthy balance is kept in all areas.

Hill School offers a wide variety of sports for students in grades 5-12. Sports provide an opportunity for students to learn teamwork, responsibility, sportsmanship, and respect for peers and coaches. Some sports will be selective, while others will be available to all interested students.

Hill School Athletic Director: Jimmy Cessna

Football Highlights

2013 Homecoming Pep Rally