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  1. Always set a good example for participants and fans to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior.
  2. Respect the integrity and personality of the individual athlete.
  3. Abide by and teach the rules of the game in letter and in spirit.
  4. Instruct participants in proper sportsmanship responsibilities and demand that they make sportsmanship the number one priority.
  5. Refrain from arguments in front of players and spectators; no gestures which indicate an official or opposing coach does not know what he or she is doing.
  6. Develop and enforce penalties for participants who do not abide by sportsmanship standards.
  7. Win with humility; lose with grace. Do both with dignity.
  8. Discussions of concerns with parents or students may not take place before or after games. Appointments can be made between the coaches, parents, student athlete, and administration for a time when it is convenient for all concerned parties.

Student Athletes

  1. Cooperate with officials, coaches and fellow participants to conduct a fair contest.
  2. Treat opponents with respect; shake hands prior to and/or after each contest.
  3. Learn the rules of the game thoroughly and discuss them with parents, fans, and fellow students.
  4. Live up to the high standard of sportsmanship established by the coach.
  5. Win with humility; lose with grace. Do both with dignity.

Parents and Fans

  1. Be an exemplary role model by positively supporting teams and coaches in every manner possible, including content of cheers and signs.
  2. Remember that school athletics are a learning experience for students and mistakes are sometimes made. Praise student-athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as athletes.
  3. Learn the rules of the game, so that you may understand and appreciate why certain situations take place.
  4. Respect fans, coaches, and participants.
  5. Remember that you are at the contest to support and yell for your team and to enjoy the skill and competition, not to intimidate or ridicule the other team or its fans.
  6. Be a fan…not a fanatic.