Performing Arts

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Hill School students have a tradition of excellent and imaginative dramatic presentations. Performances provide students with opportunities for stepping outside of themselves. As they interact through a variety of dramatic experiences, students work cooperatively, make higher order connections, strengthen focus, and learn to enhance self-presentation Dramatic art is integrated into the lower school classrooms through group presentations for Pep Rallies, the winter holiday musical, Grandparents Day, United Nations Day, and a plethora of other opportunities. Upper School drama students have two major productions a year, and participates in statewide one-act play competitions.

Hill students benefit in a variety of ways from participation in choral programs and learning to make musical instruments. All Lower School students have bi-weekly music classes for developing a sense of rhythm through playing classroom instruments and rhythm games. Performance opportunities such as the Fine Arts Festival and Talent Show allow students to develop individual talent and increase self-esteem.