Visual Arts

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At Hill School, visual art classes challenge students to develop fine motor function, spatial ordering, visual thinking strategies, and positive social behaviors. The six elements of design are covered throughout the school year: line, shape, form, value, color, space, and texture. Students use different mediums, materials, and tools to reinforce the concepts. Students create drawings, paintings, weavings, ceramics, tin-work, and digital artwork. After developing good studio practices, confident upper school art students work independently on self-selected projects.

Students in each division use different mediums and materials to reinforce the concepts of the 6 elements of design. In addition, the 4 strands of the Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills; Observation and Perception, Creative Expression, Historical/Cultural Relevance, and Critical Evaluation and Response are embedded in the lessons.

Lower School students often receive direct instruction to develop visual thinking strategies and fine motor skills, but they also receive open-ended projects. Through an interdisciplinary approach students use math, science, and literature to enhance and inform their creative abilities.

Middle School students will be introduced to art vocabulary words in English and Spanish. Eighth grade students will learn and create computer graphics and art.

Upper School Level 1 art students each quarter cover a different discipline: drawing, ceramics, digital art, and painting. Levels 2, 3, and 4 art students work independently on self-selected projects to develop the skills learned during the previous year.