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Just because you learn differently, doesn’t mean you can’t lead. Hill School students learn to persevere despite challenges, beyond their learning labels, and stretch for goals that others might easily dismiss. Anyone would agree that these characteristics are essential for true leadership. Learning to lead is an opportunity available to Hill School students from student government positions in each division, to community projects for middle and upper school students. Our athletic program provides opportunities to lead by example in support of your team and our performing arts students blossom as leaders on the stage.

Student clubs in middle school see emerging leaders rally around their areas of interest and knowledge. Participation in student learning symposiums (eg: Shelton School’s annual Ethics Symposium) outside of Hill are practice grounds for our emerging leaders. Student travel in the upper school provides opportunities for independence and exploration of the world where leadership skills can be practiced solo. Many of our students practice leadership outside of Hill School and we honor several Eagle Scouts each year as well as student champions in outside sports and activities.

With over 40 years of serving students with learning differences in Tarrant county, we’ve seen our students grow into leadership roles in the community. Hill School alumni, like Chef Marcus Paslay, is the owner of Clay Pigeon Food & Drink in Fort Worth. Hill School graduates can be found on the Rodeo Team at Texas Tech and on the golf teams at both Hardin Simmons and Howard Payne University.  The Class of 2015 earned $787,336 in scholarships and the Class of 2016 earned $477, 064 in scholarships. Our students experience success in and out of the classroom!

Consider some of these Leaders with LD who capitalized on their unique perspectives of the world; hard-earned through will power and persistence.