Why Give?

Why Give? 2017-05-02T13:56:48+00:00

Your gift helps grow confidence, a love of learning, and a willingness to take on challenges for life-long growth. Your financial commitment to Hill School supports a school that changes families’ lives – turning daily frustration and uncertainty about a child’s future into real accomplishments at school and in life.

You help us bridge the gap in two important ways.

Financial Aid for Families:  Typically 20% of our families receive tuition assistance.  Without your generous donation, the school is forced to self-fund financial aid dollars and cannot provide assistance to families that need it.

The Tuition Gap:  Tuition dollars only cover 85 – 90% of the actual cost of educating a child each year at Hill. Your donations help us make up the difference so tuition fees are kept reasonable and more families are able to access a Hill School education.

Each of your generous dollars allows us to carry out the mission of providing educational services for bright, motivated children who learn differently. You can help us make a difference!

Easy Ways to Give to Hill School.

Your donation today is appreciated and you can make this commitment online, in person, or through the mail.  Just indicate where you would like your gift directed and we will, of course, welcome your support. If you have any questions about giving, please contact our Development Director, Susan Little, at slittle@hillschool.org