middle school

facilitating personal growth

The middle school years can be challenging for those with learning differences. As students begin to compare themselves with their peers, they often perceive their differences as shortcomings. That’s why facilitating personal growth and reveling in small successes along the way is an important hallmark of the middle school program at Hill School. We cultivate confidence through increased competency and by focusing on celebrating the strengths and talents that students themselves often overlook in a desire to be the same as everyone else.

Strategic Learning

In grades 6 – 8, the emphasis begins to shift from skill remediation to strategies that bypass weak functions and allow students to meet the increased content and comprehension demands of the curriculum.

Foundational Learning

There is no denying the dramatic social changes that students experience during their middle school years. In the classroom, teachers provide opportunities for small group collaboration where students can explore appropriate social interactions with guidance if needed. Topical discussions surrounding character, decision-making, good choices, and leadership provide structured focus on social interaction.

middle school focus

Extended Reading and English Blocks

An hour and a half of language arts instruction daily allows for a focus on reading comprehension, written expression, vocabulary development, critical thinking, and grammar instruction.

Focused Math Instruction

Our math classes are ability-grouped to maximize student success in mathematics. Hill School math teachers are dedicated to instruction of grade-level skills, at a pace appropriate for the students in their class.


A dedicated time period used to get a jump-start on homework, work on organizational skills, and provide time for student clubs and activities.


All middle school students attend art, technology, and specialty classes that vary quarterly to balance their academic schedule.

Curriculum Selection

Hill School utilizes texts approved by the state of Texas as well as Common Core curriculum. Our classes are designed with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) guidelines in mind and we provide and recommend a variety of assistive technology that levels the playing field for students with LD. requirements

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