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Developmentally, our goal is to equip our Upper School students with the tools needed to engage with the larger world. Academically, we prepare our students for further learning experiences in future endeavors.

Consistent with the Hill School programming at other levels, our upper school students are ability-grouped for science and humanities courses and again for mathematics courses. The demands of high school subjects with regard to content and complexity are in line with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements, however Hill’s upper school programming allows for flexibility with regard to pace of instruction and volume of associated assignments.

college readiness

The majority of Hill students achieve ACT and SAT scores that allow them to attend the appropriate college of their choice – historically, just over 90% go on to attend two or four-year college programs. Others are drawn to technical or vocational programs of interest and some join the armed services. Some students find their passion in the community as volunteers, others join the workplace immediately or decide to take a mission trip for a gap year.

For those who are college-bound or interested in further studies at a technical school, our Director of College and Career Counseling, Abbey Griffin, can help families build plans for a future that gives students their best option for completing a program or degree plan. Each student is different, and individual consultation with Mrs. Griffin is the best way to develop a post-secondary plan.

mastered learning

Our Upper School program is designed to correlate with state requirements, and we offer three distinct degree plans and three endorsements that meet or exceed the requirements under House Bill 5:

Foundation Plus

The majority of Hill seniors will graduate under this plan with the Arts and Humanities endorsement that includes classes like Research and Writing, Literary Genres, and Foreign Language.

Distinguished Level of Achievement

Students who choose this degree plan would pursue higher level classes in Math and Science to amass 26 credits of instruction during their upper school career.

Upper School students also have the opportunity to earn up to 15 college credits as part of the Dual-Credit Program with Texas Wesleyan University.


In addition to the basic degree plans, students may earn endorsements to complement their learning. At least one endorsement is required to complete our Foundation Plan + and Distinguished Level of Achievement plans.

endorsements include :

Algebra II, Chemistry, Technology Applications, Advanced Science and Math courses

arts & humanities:

Research and Writing, Literary Genres, Creative Writing and Composition, Span/ASL III, Fine Arts, History, Affinity Courses

multidisciplinary studies:

English IV, Physics, Chemistry, Composition, Research and Writing, Span/ASL III, Cultural Affinity courses

Find your place at Hill School Upper School. To learn more or schedule a personal tour with our Director of Enrollment Management, please email eshannon@hillschool.org.



Surface Pro tablet computers with touch-screen, stylus, and keyboard capability are used by all Middle and Upper School students. Beginning in the 7th grade, the tablets are taken home each evening for students to complete homework, participate in online discussions, view videos from classroom lessons, and communicate with instructors if needed. Mastering the power of assistive technology gives Hill students a head-start in college and beyond. Hill School is a certified Microsoft School, utilizing Microsoft Technologies Office 365, Imagine Academy and Learning Tools, and all faculty are certified Microsoft Innovative Educators.

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leadership opportunities

Learning to lead is an essential skill every person can use along their life path. Leadership skills combine strong communication, enthusiasm, collaboration and task management. Upper School students have numerous opportunities to excel outside of the classroom and gain leadership experience. From student government to athletic teams, and interest-based clubs to performing arts, our students grow confidence when they can share their passions with their peers.

Additionally, participation in student learning symposiums (eg: Shelton School’s annual Ethics Symposium) outside of Hill are practice grounds for our emerging leaders. Student travel in the Upper School provides opportunities for independence and exploration of the world where solo leadership skills can be practiced.

National Honor Society (NHS)

Hill School’s chapter of the National Honor Society is by invitation to any student that achieves at least a 3.25 overall GPA by the spring of their freshman, sophomore or junior year, have an excellent behavior record, and have demonstrated leadership and service to the school and community.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

FCA at Hill School is focused on equipping, empowering, and encouraging students to make a difference in their community for Christ. FCA is a service organization which sponsors projects both in and out of school and membership is open to all students in the Upper School.

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Student Council


Student Travel (New York City and Boston)