Hill School’s application process

1. When families first inquire, Linda Sherlock, Director of Enrollment Management, will email the parents with more information about Hill School and the application process. During this time of social-distancing, inquiries must be made via email to Additionally, you may make an inquiry online at the link provided below.

online inquiry

2. Once parents have submitted the student’s previous testing (see step 4 below), Linda Sherlock will be available for a phone interview with the parents. During this interview, parents will learn more about what is offered at Hill School and what makes our program unique to students with learning differences.

3. A two-day student visit is required as part of the regular application process; after Quarter 1 ends in early October, a decision will be made regarding prospective student visits. If scheduled, parents will first submit the online application and the $100 fee. The school visit provides both the student and the Hill School faculty an opportunity to see if the student would thrive in our educational program. During the summer months, the two-day visit is arranged differently.

4. As part of the application process, Hill School requires a complete psycho-educational evaluation or diagnostic testing from a qualified clinician, diagnostician or organization. The testing must have been completed within the previous three years. This evaluative material should include an IQ test score (general cognitive function) and measures of general achievement.

Please contact Linda Sherlock for more details in regards to our application process.

Items needed to complete the application

• a completed submission of an online application

• $100 application fee

• student’s psycho-educational evaluation or diagnostic testing

• report cards and official transcripts as applicable

• teacher and administrator confidential recommendation forms

• a student visit


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