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community partners

community partners

Hill School is fortunate to partner with many Fort Worth institutes to benefit our students. From partnering with TCU’s ANSERS Institute on math research studies to continuing a strong bond with LinkED, our teachers have professional development opportunities, our students have access to diagnostic and aptitude testing, and our administration has partners in learning to help shape Hill School’s program for the future.

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Hill School is thankful for our long-lasting partnership with Texas Christian University’s College of Education and Harris College of Nursing & Health Services! Graduate students from both programs have the opportunity to visit campus on a weekly basis to work with our students and continue to provide positive results and mentorships to our students.

The Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic graduate students spend one-on-one time with our lower, middle, and upper school students to work on receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language skills. They also coordinate and facilitate social groups to build community and peer relationships. TCU’s Special Education graduate students work closely with our lower school students on their reading, writing, and mathematics in order to support their needs both inside and outside of the classroom.