fine arts

creative outlets

Creative outlets help students increase self-awareness and self-confidence, build teamwork and cooperation, improve listening and memory skills, and allow for personal expression. Music, drama, and visual art classes are offered throughout the year, with special events providing additional opportunities for dance and design.

Performing Arts

Performances give students excellent opportunities for stepping outside of their comfort zones and building social confidence. Dramatic art is integrated into the Lower School classrooms through group presentations for Pep Rallies, the winter holiday musical, and Grandparents’ Day. Upper School drama students have two major productions a year.


Music has been proven to increase cognitive learning capabilities, increase motor skills and soothe the mind and emotions. Hill students benefit from participation in choral programs and playing musical instruments. All Lower School students have bi-weekly music classes for developing a sense of rhythm through playing classroom instruments and rhythm games. Performance opportunities such as the Fine Arts Evening and Talent Show allow students to develop individual talent and increase self-esteem.

Visual Arts

Visual art classes challenge students to develop fine motor function, spatial ordering, visual thinking strategies, and positive social behaviors. The six elements of design are covered throughout the school year: line, shape, form, value, color, space, and texture. Students create drawings, paintings, weavings, ceramics, tin-work, and digital artwork. After developing good studio practices, confident upper school art students work independently on self-selected projects.