Hill School 50th Anniversary

For 50 years, the Hill School of Fort Worth has been devoted to serving children with learning differences and ensuring their success in the classroom and beyond. We strive to instill confidence, self-advocacy, and a joy of learning in our students. To commemorate this great milestone, we’re asking for your generous support to pull off a year’s worth of celebrations. Thank you for your time and consideration as we celebrate the difference that makes our students so special!


Hill School Annual Fund

The Hill School Annual Fund exists to bridge the gap between tuition and the costs to operate, by funding areas of the school’s budget that need it the most. These areas include supporting financial assistance for families, furthering educator excellence, and enriching students’ day-to-day experiences.


Hill School Foundation

Ensure the school’s future for generations to come! The Hill School Foundation is an endowment fund established to support the efforts of Hill School and directly impacts our students, faculty, and program.


Preston Zavala Memorial Scholarship

Preston Zavala, Class of 2010, was an exuberant student with a generous heart and unwavering loyalty to family and friends. Provide scholarship assistance to deserving students in his memory.