Beyond the Classroom

Our full-service programming allows for personal growth and cultivates self-confidence beyond the boundaries of the classroom or pages of a book.

We believe our different learners truly thrive when given the opportunity to explore an area of interest, be part of a team, or express their creativity that they may otherwise shy away from in previous school settings. Our students are encouraged to find something that they’re passionate about at Hill!

Counseling Opportunities

  • Our School Counselor offers solution-focused counseling to students on a short-term basis. Social and emotional counseling services are available to students who are experiencing anxiety, depression, traumatic event, or need emotional support.

  • Hill School’s counselor introduces concepts from CASEL through discussion, role-play, videos, and hands-on activities. Students learn and practice social skills and concepts during bi-weekly group lessons which focus on communication, emotional regulation and problem-solving.

  • Should students need additional short-term or long-term counseling services, families will be provided with information about community mental health agencies and providers. If a student is currently in counseling with a mental health professional, Hill School’s counselor will request that the legal guardian sign a release so that the school may communicate with that provider.

college & career counseling

The goal of Hill School’s College and Career Guidance Office is to help students find the right match for their future pursuits. Each year, sophomore and junior students take the PSAT to prepare them for future college placement exams. During their junior year; Upper School students take a College and Career Class in the spring, junior family conferences are held and students take college entrance exams. By the senior year, students attend college and career classes in the Fall and finalize resumes, essays, and submit college applications.

Throughout the Upper School years, the College and Career Guidance Office provides opportunities for career exploration and the college search by bringing in speakers, organizing college campus tours, coordinating college fair attendance, and providing resources for students to access no matter their destination after Hill School.

Since 2018, the graduating classes of hill school have received nearly $2 million collectively in scholarships!