Tuition Assistance

Affording Hill School

Hill School seeks to make our specialized educational opportunities as affordable as possible to a diverse group of students. Typically, 25% of students attending Hill School receive scholarship assistance.

Applying for Tuition Assistance

Hill School receives need-based financial assistance recommendations from the FACTS Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment. Their processing department will objectively determine need based on a family’s financial situation and process supporting documentation including tax returns, W-2’s and any other special circumstances.

Families may apply for financial assistance through the FACTS Grant & Aid online portal. Our School ID is 12516 and the application fee is $40.

Financing Your Hill School Education

Tax law extends 529 plans to certain pre-college educational costs for many families. Some have been able to use tax-advantaged 529 plans to save for future college costs. The tax law passed in 2018 broadens the use of these plans to include certain costs associated with elementary, middle, and high school education. Please check with a tax adviser or 529 plan operator to see if you might be eligible to take advantage of this law.

Some families with dependents who attend specialized schools for medical reasons may be able, with a doctor’s recommendation, to deduct tuition as a medical expense on their income taxes. This can be a significant deduction for families with already high out-of-pocket medical expenses. Please consult your tax advisor as only you and your tax adviser can decide whether this applies to you.

Another option for affording Hill School is to finance tuition through Your Tuition Solution.